We are a startup not-for-profit research and operational think tank focused on advocacy efforts for the rural poor in north Georgia, and eventually the rest of the Appalachian southern tier.


Our Mission

is to end rural poverty.  As the rural poor in the Southern tier of Appalachia are politically disenfranchised and underserved by non-governmental organizations there is a need for an institute that studies poverty in both rural and small population centers in north Georgia in order to understand the many problems these individuals face in their daily lives.  Once this understanding is achieved, there also needs to be an organization that is dedicated to fighting poverty through innovative programs with the goal of achieving real change for those caught in poverty’s grasp.  ARPI is that organization, and will be an agent of change based on the following core values:

  1. Research
  2. Innovation
  3. Empowerment

The poverty found in rural areas has some characteristics that are very different from the poverty found in inner cities. These are complex problems . . . we need to reform them through innovative and highly targeted solutions.
— Senator Marco Rubio

Think and Do Tank Concept

  • Made up of two independent components: the Research Wing and the Operations Wing.
  • The Research Wing is the "think" portion of the organization, and exists solely to identify the various problems associated with the rural poor. This department will focus on performing in-depth and sophisticated statistical analysis of such problems, and evaluate the range of potential solutions to the many challenges via white paper and other publications.
  • The Operations Wing comprises the “do” aspect of the organization, operating as a distinct entity to the operations of the research wing. This department will draft and implement programs and advocacy policies in some of the most politically conservative areas of the United States. 
  • The two departments will work closely together and have a cyclical relationship. The Research Wing will drive operations and the Operations Wing will act as a feedback mechanism in regard to the implementation of advocacy programs. These programs will be designed to push the boundaries of public policy and use the latest developments in the field.
  • Our initial launch effort is to be the first organization to bring effective social financing programs to the rural South.  ARPI aims to use a new social financing tool known as a Social Impact Bond (SIB).