By Clay


Bubble?:  "The implication is the federal government is fueling a vicious cycle of higher prices and government aid that ultimately could cost taxpayers and price some Americans out of higher education, similar to what some economists contend happened with the housing bubble."

Soon, many American families will be priced out of college.

Kindred Spirits:  "Necessity being the mother of invention, governors in red, blue and purple states began thinking that there might be smarter ways of addressing their prison systems—ways that would lower costs and might even enhance public safety—and about whether there might be sensible alternatives to incarceration for some categories of offenders."

SIB News: "Despite the failure of the program, the experiment succeeded in blazing a new trail. “One of the things that was nice about this was that people were being brave, doing something bold,” said Susan Gottesfeld, who ran Osborne’s operation at Rikers. “They were doing an intervention that had never been done before in a place like Rikers on a scale never done before.”

A snapshot of poverty: "So, overall, around 3/4 poor people don't work, primarily because they are children, elderly, disabled, students, etc. For the 1/4th that do work, big chunks faced spells of involuntary unemployment or were out of the labor force for some weeks primarily because they were going to school or caring for others, but also in large part because they were discouraged or temporarily incapacitated. Thus, even the working poor is heavily stacked with those who managed to slip into a vulnerable circumstance that involuntarily limited their ability to work for significant chunks of the year."

Read the Whole Thing: "The law, we argue, essentially criminalizes not the physical acts involved in having a polygamous relationship, but the speech and symbolic expression involved in a wedding ceremony (and in holding oneself out as husband and wife). That makes it a speech restriction, and one that doesn’t fit within any of the exceptions to the free speech principle."

If you really support the 1st amendment--it better make you support some uncomfortable things.