By Clay


Rural America = Aging Communities and Health Disparities: "But for now, the best efforts to address rural health inequities, as identified by Gonzales and Wilger, remain the same no matter what the age group: Invest in communities, advocate for systemic change, and, of course, work together."

We particularly need to look for private investment.  Specifically the types of investments that are going to keep the young and talented members of our communities here.  It is a big challenge, and the lure of the city may be too much.

SIB News:  "Three years into the four-year experiment, an evaluation conducted by the Vera Institute of Justice found that the program did not lead to any statistically significant reduction in juvenile recidivism, leading the city to pull the plug and walk away without spending a dime of taxpayer money. "These vehicles are structured in such a unique way that they carry very little risk for the government," said Kristin Misner-Gutierrez, director of social services in the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services, who was involved in the development of the "pay-for-success" program."

This is being termed a failure, but it really isn't.  It got private investment involved in a social problem, and there was no cost to the taxpayer.  

Gini in a Bottle:  College Football polls are coming out...let's see how countries are ranked by Gini coefficient.