By Clay

Rural SIB: "We are certainly not going to distance ourselves from our explorations into doing social impact bonds because of what happened here," said Gary Hattem, head of Deutsche Bank's global social finance group. "This is the frontier of something."

What ARPI's work is trying to bring this new investing frontier to frontiers that are being ignored (ahem rural north Georgia).

Getting Worse:  "The rural child poverty rate grew by more than a third during the past decade, according to a new report from the USDA Economic Research Service."

As you look at the map, plenty of work to be done in our service area.

The Face of Rural Poverty“Without better quality schools, access to jobs and access to quality health care, whole communities are set up for failure. These factors especially impact rural black women, whose unemployment rate (23.6 percent) is four times that of white women in the same rural counties.”

The solutions for these problems are usually framed in the need for increased public funding.  Whether that is a good idea or not is a different debate, but there is the simple fact these communities don't have the spare funding to have an impact.  This is why we need to see private money and market discipline brought to bear on these social issues.  There really aren't many other options.